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The Website Site

Basic to advanced website development and design



1. $500- E-commerce website creation with specifications. This will include any images that you would like as well as any features that are pertinent to your business.

Monthly rates for maintenance dependent on package.


2. $700- E-commerce website creation with specifications and search engine optimization. We will get your site to the top of the list for the world to see.

Monthly rates for maintenance dependent on


3. For either of the above options send us specifics below via contact page, email, or phone.




a) Name and purpose of site.

b) Target audience

c) Preferred colors (as many as necessary)

d) Included elements (pages you think you will need) examples: home, about us, contact, products, video, social media connections.

Having your own e-commerce site to manage business and traffic is essential today. Let us elevate your presence and help you grow!

Lets get to work!

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